Talking With Your Teen Driver About Where To Park To Avoid Tow-Away Zones

No Parking Tow Away Zone

Tow-Away zones must be avoided. They are indicated by special road signs, placed on public streets. Drivers are not allowed neither to park, nor stop in these areas (not even temporarily), because their vehicles will be taken and impounded immediately.

These signs may also appear in combination with other regulations.

When it comes to inexperienced drivers, it is common that they miss signs now and then although it is covered in class at the driving school in Lakewood and other cities. If there is a teen driver in your home, it is good to talk with them about how to avoid tow-away zones and spare the inconvenience of having to pay for regaining their vehicle.

The most important thing is to observe parking regulations and also use your common sense. Many cars are towed because they are parked in areas where they block circulation, or in places reserved to disabled people. This is not only illegal, but also rude and people who do this must reconsider their sense of social responsibility.

Occasionally, some legal parking zones may turn into tow-away zones, after certain hours, so make sure to check the additional notices.

Police can order a tow truck not just for illegal parking, but also for expired license or registration. Make sure your paperwork is up to date.