The 5 Most Popular Road Trip Destinations in the US

Preparing For A Road Trip

Setting off on a road trip is a great and very American way to get to know your country and to meet new people – though flying has recently become the most common and most efficient way to travel, road trips are so much more exciting and so much more adventurous.  If you are a teen just starting out, be sure to attend one of the recommended Colorado Springs driving schools before heading out on any road trip.  If you are thinking of spending your next vacation on the road, moving from town to town, stopping wherever you see something that grabs your attention, here are a few of the most popular road trip destinations in the US:

  • Route 66 – the most famous routes of them all, Route 66 starts in Chicago, Illinois and runs for almost 2,500 miles through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico and Arizona, all the way to Santa Monica, California. The road wind amidst beautiful scenery and will take you to the most exciting places;
  • Maine’s Lobster Trail – the road starts at Kittery and takes the traveller to small towns and villages along the coastline, each serving their own seafood specialty;
  • Blue Ridge Parkway – the 469-mile long route runs through two national parks, Shenandoah in Virginia and North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains and it is a route of exquisite natural beauty;
  • The Pacific Coast Highway – the route is 653 miles long and it runs along the rugged and spectacular coastline of California, with attractions such as Malibu, San Luis Obisbo, Monterey and Big Sur;
  • Olympic Peninsula – the 300-mile route starts from Seattle and takes you through the Olympic National Park where you can visit one of the largest rainforests in the country.