The Best Holiday Songs to Sing Along to in Your Car with Your Kids

Singing In The Car

So you’re planning to take your kids on a road trip for the holiday. Regardless of whether you’re going to Disneyland or visiting your parents out of state, it’s important to keep a brighter mood and make sure the atmosphere is overall cheerful. You can often achieve this with a song.


Now, if you haven’t prepared your holiday playlist yet, there are a few songs you might want to consider that your kids will simply love singing along to:


  • Joy to the World is one of the most beautiful Christmas songs of all time and a must have for every family. Whether you’re aiming for an older version of the song or one of the newer remixes, your kids will have a blast singing along to this one.
  • Jingle Bells is another great song for children and a true classic. Your kids probably already know the lyrics to this one, so you won’t have any trouble getting their attention with it.
  • If you want a really laid back Christmas carol, White Christmas is definitely one of the best. As with the previous ones, all versions are quite nice, although Bing Crosby’s original 1942 version is considered one of the best.
  • Finally, there’s a certain magic about Christmas songs, but not very many songs are able to capture the magic of New Year’s Eve as much as ABBA’s “Happy New Year.”  Remain focused on driving and stay safe from the folks at