The Best Materials for Your Car Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Covers

The steering wheel is among the most important controls in any car, the control that needs to work perfectly and that needs to allow the driver to grab it in a firm, safe and comfortable way in any situation. The material used for covering the steering wheel needs to be not only attractive, but ergonomic as well – the material should not become too cold or too hot, it should not be slippery and it should absorb moisture to offer a secure grip to drivers who have sweaty hands. Here are the most popular types of wheel covers used today:

  • Genuine leather – the most elegant, yet very affordable material used for making steering wheel covers;
  • Cloth – these special, non-slip, sweat absorbing fabrics feel great to the touch and offer a firm grip, whatever the temperature outside or inside the cabin;
  • Microfiber leather – this type of synthetic leather fabric is the preferred choice of many drivers for the varied, attractive color combinations offered and the other great features – it is skid-proof, resistant to wear and tear, breathable, eco-friendly and most steering wheel covers made from the material also include padding to make the driver’s grip even safer and more comfortable.  The driving classes Denver instructors teach say that any of them are okay, as long as they remain in place.