The Cost of Speeding in Construction Zones

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Any experienced driver knows, or at least should know, the dangers and costs of speeding. Whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle, keeping your legal speed will drastically reduce your chances of being involved in an accident that could be life-threatening. The legal speed limits are set for the safety of traffic participants, either inside the vehicle or on the sidewalks.  For new drivers, this is a topic that is taught while taking driving lessons Orange County offers.

According to statistics, exceeding the legal speed is the reason for over 30% of fatal car accidents and, every month, there are people who are seriously injured or lose their life in a car accident. Most of these accidents can be avoided.

When it comes to driving in construction zones, you must pay attention to speed limit signs. Make sure you do not mistake the posted speed limit with the required speed! The posted speed limit is the maximum speed you are allowed to have, but you can (and you probably should!) drive even slower, to avoid hazards.

The costs of speeding in construction zones (the amount of the minimum fine you will get for a violation) is often written on the speed limit signs. It may vary from each state, and committing two or more violations within 24 hours can result in a doubled fine and the suspension of your license for 3 months. Your insurer is also likely to increase your premium payments.