The Driving Camp

Saving lives one driver at a time

We have all sent our kids away to camp at some point. Whether it’s a sports camp where they are learning and developing specific skills or just summer camp where they can have a great time. We have an expectation when they return. We expect them to have changed, to have grown, to have learned something or to have abilities they did not have before they went.

MasterDrive Driving Camp is designed to provide all those things, and more. Students arrive with varying levels of skill in controlling a car. They leave with the ability to execute maneuvers that would challenge most experienced drivers. They also gain the confidence that only comes from experiential learning, the confidence that they have to be in control of the vehicle they are driving. Driver performance increases when confidence is gained through the development of real driving skills.

Driving camp is fun. Driving camp is challenging and students work very hard to develop skills. Driving camp will change who they are as a driver, for a lifetime.

Discover why MasterDrive is the world’s leading driver safety company.