The Importance of Being Aware of Spring Driving Hazards

Driving In A Spring Rain

Spring is a time when people start getting out more and when even more inexperienced drivers hit the road to enjoy nature or to head to outdoor events. However, spring is not only about the weather becoming warmer and nicer – it is also a period that poses special driving hazards that any responsible driver must be aware of, as you will learn at a Lakewood driving school near you. Here are some of the important dangers that you can encounter in spring:

  • Potholes – winter usually takes its toll on roads, so when the snow melts, drivers need to be very careful to avoid the holes without sudden, unsignalled maneuvers.
  • Slush – the melting snow, ice and dirt on the surface of the road can reduce the traction of the tires.
  • Black ice – the thin, invisible layer of ice that forms as the result of alternate melting and freezing also needs drivers to be more careful in spring.
  • More participants in traffic – it is not only drivers who get out more in spring, cyclists and roller skaters are also out to enjoy the nice weather and in residential areas there are more children playing in the streets, so drivers need to be very alert to them as well.