The Importance Of Checking Your Car Tires Regularly

Vehicle Maintenance Denver Driving Schools Teach

Tires perform many important roles. Not only do they support the weight of the vehicle, but also attenuate shocks caused by the impact with holes or other types of road misalignment. But more importantly, tires provide the necessary traction when you accelerate, change direction or brake. In addition, they ensure stability to the car.

Given the importance of tires, what can you do to make sure they are always in good condition?

Proper tire maintenance involves a few important operations: keeping tire pressures at prescribed values, periodic tire permutation, balancing the wheels, and adjusting their geometry.  Taking vehicle maintenance classes from Denver driving schools can provide the knowledge you need to change a tire, as well as checking the tires.

It is very important that the tire pressure corresponds to the prescribed values. If a tire is over-inflated, it will wear out more quickly in the center. On the other hand, if the tire is insufficiently inflated, it will wear on the edges, and the fuel consumption will increase.

Always control the tire pressure periodically and when you do the annual technical revision. Make sure you measure the pressure only when the tires are cold.

If you periodically change the tires between them, you will extend their life and the wear will be uniform. If the vehicle manufacturer has no recommendations in this respect, you can change them after 10,000-13,000 km.

Finally, check your wheel alignment annually or whenever you experience unusual vibration or an irregularity in the steering system of your car.