The Importance of Knowing About the Most Common Traffic Violations and a Few Examples

Drive Safe - Watch For Pedestrians

Traffic violations are problematic not only if they result in traffic tickets that can taint your driving record – they can also cause dangerous, in the worst case even fatal situations. To be able to avoid the most common traffic violations, you first of all need to be aware of them, so here is a list with the most serious offenses:

  • Tailgating – following the car in front of you too closely can force the driver in the other car to engage into maneuvers he or she is not confident with and is among the most frequent causes of collisions as well.
  • Unsafe lane changes – changing lanes without making sure you have sufficient space to execute the maneuver or without using the turn signal to inform the other drivers in the traffic about your intention is also very dangerous.
  • Speeding – driving too fast is dangerous not only in residential areas, but outside the city as well, so always observe speed limits.
  • Crossing when the light is red – stopping at a red light is among the most straightforward traffic rules, yet running a red light is still among the most common traffic violations and also the most frequent cause of fatal traffic accidents. All of these violation situations are taught at Colorado Springs driving schools near you, and are important especially for teen drivers to learn.