The Importance of Knowing How to Drive Safe with Pets

Keep Pets Safe Crate Them While Taught At Driving School

Even if pet owners don’t like to admit it, driving with pets in the car can sometimes become a serious hazard. Pets can be unpredictable, so precautions need to be taken to ensure that they won’t distract the driver’s attention at a critical moment and that they won’t accidentally access one of the car’s systems or the doors, putting the passenger’s lives at risk while on the highway.


If your pet is well-trained and they are usually well-behaved during a car ride, then you should have nothing to worry about. However, many cats and dogs can be easily frightened during a road trip or a car ride that takes you through busy streets and roads that can be stimulating for your pet – and not always in a good way.


Suppose a car backfires or a loud horn sounds out while it’s very quiet. Your pet can easily get startled and accidentally – or on purpose – press on the door handle and open the door. If you also have kids in the backseat then they will be in danger as well, along with your faithful cat or pooch.


It’s very important to find the right harness and restraints as well as to buy a car with the right safety features when you plan to drive around with a pet on board. That way, you can take precautions such as blocking the car doors, using a smart airbag or even minimizing the noise levels in your car to prevent startling your pet, should there be a problem.  As is what is taught at a driving school in orange county is that it is best to crate your furry friend while in the car, to keep them safe as well as others.