The Importance of Knowing the Etiquette for Driving Alongside Motorcycles

Motorcycle Etiquette

Thousands of motorcycle riders are injured in traffic accidents each year and many of the drivers and passengers of the cars involved also get injured in these accidents, so knowing the etiquette of sharing the road safely is essential for being safe, whatever the type of vehicle you are driving. Here are a few tips about how to drive safely, responsibly and how to pay attention to others:

  • Extra caution while passing – you can pass motorcycles the same way as you pass cars, but you must be aware that the gust of wind generated by your car during the process can destabilize the motorcycle rider and can even push two-wheel vehicles off the road. To avoid such problems, try to maintain as much a distance from the motorcycle as you can and never pass motorcycles when it is even a little risky;
  • Remembers that motorcycles move faster and react faster that cars – maintaining safe following distance is essential for maintaining road safety;
  • Be aware of weather conditions – rain, snow and wind affect motorcycle riders more than car drivers, so be careful when visibility is low and the weather is nasty;
  • Never share the lane with a motorcyclist – staying on your lane is essential for safety and the only legal way to pass by motorcycles. It is just as important for motorcyclists to attend driving classes Denver businesses offer to make sure you tend to the rules of the road too!