The Importance of Knowing What To Do When Your Car Has a Flat Tire

Getting A Flat Tire Fixed

A flat tire is a common incident that each driver experiences at least once in their life. Luckily, this problem can be solved relatively easily. But do we know how? Theoretically, anyone can overcome such a situation by changing the wheel with the spare wheel in the trunk.

Additionally, there are several other safety systems designed to keep the car running even after a wheel has been deflated: tire repair kits, run-flat systems or even the system that inflates the wheel while driving.

But for most of us, the solution is replacing the deflated tire with the spare tire.

As soon as you realize that you have a flat tire, you must immediately stop in a traffic-free area, on a flat horizontal terrain, with the hazard lights on, the handbrake pulled and the engine off as they will teach students at the driving schools in Colorado Springs CO. Place reflective triangles at a minimum of 30 m of the car. Use the jack to raise the car on the side with the deflated tire. With the special wheel wrench, weaken the bolts (after removing the wheel cover or the anti-theft system). Place the spare tire in place of the deflated tire, grip the bolts well enough for the wheel to be centered. Ideally, you should have a pressure gauge to check and correct pressure of the spare wheel and make it equal with the others.

Do not forget to stop at the first auto repair service to solve the deflated wheel problem.