The Importance Of Refreshing Your Knowledge About Driving In The Snow

MasterDrive Classes For Snow Driving

No matter how experienced you think you are as a driver, you can never say that you know everything and you can do well in any traffic situation, especially in the cold season, when the driving experience may change dramatically because of severe weather conditions. The more reduced your driving experience, the more important it is to refresh your knowledge about driving in the snow.

Remember to have your car equipped with winter tires, even if you do not drive on snowy roads regularly, especially if the temperatures are negative.

Here are the most important winter driving rules:

  • Start driving with light acceleration, dosing the force of the pedal. If the car is barely moving, engage the second gear to reduce the transmitted torque. A strong acceleration can cause skidding, even if you use winter tires.
  • While traveling, keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front of you, so that you can brake safely. Use the engine brake as much as you can, because the danger of breaking the grip is greatly diminished.
  • When climbing a slope, use the highest gear that can make the engine still running, to reduce the power transmitted to the tires and the possibility of them spinning out. Try to keep a constant speed.
  • Take some skid control driving lessons to learn how to better control your car in severe weather conditions.  Some states like Colorado this is very important, find out more at