The Importance Of Regularly Checking Your Car Tire Tread

Make Sure Your Tires Have Good Tread Before A Road Trip

The car should be checked carefully whenever you are about to hit the road. Whether we are talking about the battery, wipers, clutch, or tires, any problem must be identified early and solved so you do not have unpleasant surprises.

Tires are products that must not be replaced so often. They have a very high resistance over time. Depending on their type, you should be able to use them for several seasons. Even so, you should check their condition periodically and when it comes to some problems, you must consider immediate repairs or replacements.

According to the law in most states, tires must be replaced when they are worn down to 2/32″of the remaining tread depth.

If the tread depth drops too much, the tires are less efficient because every millimeter below the initial depth leads to a longer braking distance (especially on wet roads).

Besides keeping an eye on the tire tread, It is advisable that drivers check the condition of their tires often, along with tire pressures. A simple visual inspection is enough to notice cuts, pinches or other visible damage that require a visit to a car service center.  This is something that is taught when taking advanced vehicle dynamics class at the driving schools in Colorado Springs and other big cities.

Drivers running in winter, on snowy roads need dedicated winter / snow tires, with deeper tread depths.