The Importance of Talking with Your Teen about Driving in the Mountains

Mountain Terrain Driving

If your teen has just obtained their driving license and he or she is already planning a vacation somewhere in the mountains, it is very important to sit down together to have a serious talk about the special aspects of mountain driving, the things that drivers need to pay attention to at higher elevations – here are a few of the topics you should talk about:

  • Vehicle fitness and suitable equipment – driving on steep terrain puts extra stress on the car’s components, so it is essential to check that all the systems and sub-systems in the car are in perfect shape, that all the fluids are topped up and you also need to make sure that the car is equipped with tire chains, jumper cables, a shovel, a windshield de-icer and other mandatory or recommended devices;
  • Safe driving style and adequate techniques –mountain roads are often winding, steep and visibility is often reduced, so talking with your teen about how to handle these special roads is also essential, possibly enroll them in mountain driving lessons Denver centers teach . Make sure you speak about safe driving distance, using the hand brake for stopping on slopes, giving the right of way to descending cars, driving safely on narrow roads and around cyclists or motorcycle riders and the importance of obeying speed limits and observing traffic signs.