The Importance of the Etiquette Between a Car’s Driver and Passenger

Important Discussions

Drivers and passengers are usually good friends, family members or even acquaintances. Either way, they know each other, so in most cases they have at least some form of mutual respect that keeps them from bothering each other too much. However, even if you don’t know the person you’re with in the car, it’s always important to keep the unspoken rules of the etiquette between a car’s driver and passenger.


The driver has to be able to focus on the road and drive correctly as well as preventively. As a result, the passenger has the responsibility of avoiding activities or conversations that would serve to distract the driver’s attention too much. For instance, sitting in the backseat and watching a football game on your phone while occasionally shouting without warning is definitely not a good course of action to follow. However, keeping up an amicable conversation about day-to-day life and making a joke or two should be fine.


At the same time, the driver’s responsibility is to handle everything that has to do with the activity of driving, and not burden the passenger with anything like that. It can happen that your passengers can’t drive, and if you ask them to maneuver the shifter or look into the rearview mirror to spot whether or not another car is approaching is not only discouraged, but should never be attempted. In many cases, this behavior has resulted in an accident because of the passengers’ natural inability to follow the drivers’ instructions correctly.  Find out more rules of the road at