The Importance of Winter Car Maintenance – What to Consider Taking Care of First?

Mechanic Performing Car Maintenance

Winter car maintenance can lead to some real problems if you don’t really know what you have to do. A failed start because your engine isn’t warmed up properly is one thing, but when your battery is affected by the cold and causes the car to stall, you can find yourself in trouble quite soon.


When taking care of your vehicle before winter hits, it’s important to first get it serviced and make sure that any and all malfunctions or faulty parts are dealt with. In terms of maintenance, having your battery checked and making sure you top off your engine with coolant and antifreeze should be among your top priorities. The battery should be fine as long as it’s newer than 3-4 years, but even then it’s important to check the voltage and make sure it’s not close to giving in.


Checking the condition of your tires is also essential and taught by most driving schools in Denver and other major cities who experience winter driving conditions. Pressure and thread depth are the two most important parameters here, since the tire pressure will have to be different than in the summer, and the thread depth can help you avoid skidding and losing control of your car when faced with snowy or icy roads.


Finally, make sure you also check your lights, windshield wipers and the electric system in general. A faulty electric starter motor can be a major problem even if your battery works well, since it will have an even more difficult time starting up your engine in harsh winter conditions than under normal circumstances.