The Most Popular Cars for Teens in 2018

Best Cars For Teen Drivers

The best cars for teens are compact, easy to drive, reliable and never boring – here are some features shared by the most popular types and models:

  • Infotainment – the quality of the sound delivered by the car’s audio system is essential for teen drivers and they also need all the help they can get from advanced electronics to be safe on the road, so good speakers, an easy to read and informative central console and navigation are essential components;
  • Size – larger cars are usually safer for teens to drive, but full-size SUVs and pick-ups might be out of the affordable price range, so this is a point where a compromise needs to be made;
  • Safety – advanced driver assistance systems, such as electronic stability control, traction control, ABS, rear-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring are also very important to make navigation easier for teens who are in the process of acquiring on-road driving experience;
  • Fuel-efficiency – teens need cars that consume as little as possible on the mile, that’s why hybrid cars and electric vehicles are their preferred choice;
  • Attractive looks – many teens dream of sporty, beast-like cars. Fortunately, there are many great models in the compact category that come with attractive body design features to meet the expectations of young drivers.

As with any new driver, especially teen drivers, make sure they attend driving lessons Orange County has available, so they can keep their new car accident free.