The Most Popular Cars That Celebrities Drive

Car Enthusiast's Dream

Many celebrities are car enthusiasts, many of them even own car fleets that comprise various different makes and models of cars – here are the most popular types of cars driven by celebs:

  • Vintage vehicles – cars made in the 1960’s or even earlier, especially sports cars are among the most cherished properties of many celebrities;
  • Modern muscle cars – this type is preferred by really dynamic celebs, by men just as much as women;
  • Tiny electric or hybrid vehicles – many environment-conscious celebs prefer subcompact cars to larger models and they also choose vehicles that use alternative fuel solutions, such as full-electric or hybrid models;
  • Large luxury cars – celebs love luxury and spectacular design, so many of them choose high-end luxury cars even for their daily trip to their office or to the stores;
  • Tasteful, affordable vehicles – driving a car that does not attract too much attention does not mean that the owner doesn’t love cars. Many celebs choose functionality over spectacular look and they drive average cars;
  • All-wheel driven terrain vehicles – many stars love to set off on adventures in the great outdoors and the best way to move on difficult terrain is in robust and versatile terrain vehicles. Although the car you drive may not give you celebrity status, taking a class at one of the driving schools in Colorado Springs will make you a celebrity.