The Negative Consequences Of Driving When You Are Very Tired

Statistics show that over one-tenth of accidents are caused by fatigue, most of which take place on motorways or after driving many kilometers. The chances for tired drivers to be involved in road accidents are just as big as those of drunk drivers or a drug addicts.

Driving for business or personal interests can be very tiring if you do not respect a resting schedule. Often, drivers who work for various companies violate the rules on driving and resting time just to be able to arrive at the destination in time, but this can lead to terrible accidents.

What exacerbates fatigue?

The state of fatigue accumulated from driving for long hours can be accentuated by the poor condition of the roads, poor road signs, snow, ice or technical problems that may occur with the car. Lack of sleep, stress and road monotony play the most important roles in increasing fatigue.

The “golden rule” that should be respected by all drivers: do not start a long journey if you are tired; just delay the departure for a few hours and get some proper rest. It is recommended that long roads be planned in such a way that drivers can take rest breaks and include some accommodation options.  You can always take a driving renewal class at a Lakewood driving school to refresh your driving skills.