The Negative Consequences of Multi-Tasking While Driving

Driving Schools Teach Responsible Driving Practices

Multi-tasking is what we are required to do at work and even at home, to stay on top of all the chores. But there is one aspect of life when you should absolutely not try to multi-task: while you are driving.  It is what is taught at any of the driving schools in Colorado Springs and should be applied by any and all drivers.


What can go wrong if you do it? A lot of things, such as:


  1. You Lose Focus on the Road

A few seconds of being distracted are enough to cause a fatal collision. When you are trying to open a soda can, or reply to a text message on your mobile phone, your attention is distracted from the act of driving. You cannot properly appreciate the distance to an obstacle ahead and you cannot react fast enough to brake or change the direction of the car. And this could cost yours and your family’s life.


  1. You May Accidentally Step on the Wrong Pedal

Imagine what happens when you are half turned to reach the coat on the back seat and retrieve a pack of biscuits from the pocket. Your entire body moves together with your torso, including your feet. You could press on the brake or the accelerator pedal and suddenly change the behavior of the car on the road – sometimes with serious consequences.


  1. Your Brain May Prioritize Other Actions

Between changing the song on your car MP3 player and keeping the steering wheel in the right position, your brain will prefer to focus on the music – a pleasant experience. This is how our brains function – they focus on immediate gratifications. You cannot control this. But you can choose to dedicate your entire attention to driving and stay safe at all times.