The Truth About Hands-Free Driving Devices – Are They Really Safe?

Use Of Hands-free Devices

So you’re driving on a long road trip, or trying to get to the neighboring state to visit your relatives. Suddenly the phone rings and you remember you still have your hands-free device on. Do you answer it?


This is the dilemma that lots of people are faced with while driving their cars, and most believe that accessing their hands-free device and talking on the phone through it while driving is actually a safe option. This isn’t necessarily true, and in many places there are actual traffic regulations that require drivers to avoid using their phones completely while driving – even with those well-known little hands-free gadgets.


So, why would they be unsafe? Studies have actually shown that talking on the phone in the “old fashioned” way and via hands-free devices can be similarly dangerous. The idea is not that your hand is occupied (since most experienced drivers already have the dexterity to handle the wheel with only one hand), but that your concentration is impaired.  It’s one of the main reasons that the driving schools in Colorado Springs say no phone time, while driving.


Taking your mind off the road is just as bad as taking your eyes off it, and that’s something that most drivers still haven’t figured out fully. So if you want you and your family to be completely safe while on the road, make sure you keep your phone off or pull your car over, if you have to take an urgent call.