Things To Know About Car Camera Systems

Understanding The Camera System On A Car

A car video camera can be used for many purposes but the main reason for purchasing one is to have proof in the event of an accident in traffic. It can help you clarify your statement or influence the situation in your favor.

How do you choose an efficient car camera system?

As with any shooting device, the car video camera has various specifications to keep in mind.

First of all, it is about the shooting angle. You are filming in vain if the camera`s angle is too narrow and does not capture what you need. Also, in order for the image to be of the finest and clearest quality, you need a HD or Full HD car camera system, so when you zoom in, the details (such as registration plates) remain clear, otherwise shooting can prove to be useless.

A high performance full-HD camcorder has a resolution of at least 1080 x 1090 pixels. The more pixels you get, the closer you can zoom in.

In addition, the number of frames per second is also important. The more frames the better movie fluency and recorded details. It is recommended to choose a car camera system with at least 32 frames per second.

Do not forget to attach a memory card of at least 32 GB.  Take a class and learn more about the mechanics of your car at