Things To Know About Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Things To Know About Your Car's AC

Most drivers have cars equipped with air conditioning systems, but do they use them properly? Here are the most common mistakes that people do, as well as and some recommendations to make better use of an AC system:

Turning on the AC immediately after you get in the car – WRONG!

The first thing you should do is open the doors and lower the windows. Leave them open for one minute. Once the car has been ventilated, you can start the air conditioning system.

Keep air recirculation enabled – WRONG!

Instead of this function, it is advisable by a Lakewood driving school to drive with the Auto function enabled, so that the airflow can be better adjusted.

Incorrect positioning of vents

In order for the air to be evenly distributed, the vents should be directed upwards and not towards the face of the passengers.

Not carrying out regular maintenance on the air conditioning system – WRONG!

If the manufacturer of the car says, “Climate control? It is not necessary!”, do must not rely on this statement. In fact, AC checking must be carried out at least once every three years. Over time, the refrigerant evaporates. On joints and gaskets, the cooling agent is lost about 10% per year. The cooling capacity decreases rapidly and, additionally, the system clogs with dust and pollen, becoming an environment for fungi and bacteria.