Things to Know Before Car Shopping

Buying A New Car

Buying a car, whether a used one or a brand-new one straight from the factory, is a major decision that is never easy, not even when the market conditions are favorable for both types of purchases. There are lots of things you need to figure out before you pick the car to buy – here are some:

  • Your budget – figure out how much you can spend to buy the car and how much you can afford to spend on it each month. Try to figure out the financing solution that would best suit your current financial situation – if you need some help, you can use online calculators to get the numbers right;
  • The type and the age of the car – you need to know exactly what type of car will work best for you and you will also need to do some research to put together a list with the makes and models that look right for you. If you are buying for a teen have them attend a driving school in Lakewood to be skilled at driving;
  • Research the dealerships in your area – ask around among people you know or use online review websites to find out about the reputation of local dealerships;
  • The importance of timing – many car dealerships offer better prices at the end of the month and waiting until the end of the model year is also a great way to obtain a good price offer.