Things You Never Knew About Cars

Cars Are A Must To Get Around Town

Cars are so much integral parts of our lives that we don’t really think about how intricate, beautiful and exciting creations they really are – here are a few things that you probably never new about cars, things that you will find interesting:

  • The horsepower – the unit of measurement for the power of a car’s engine was developed in the 18th century by James Watt to compare the power of horses and the power of the steam engine he created. Strangely, an average horse is able to deliver only about 0.7 HP.
  • The seatbelt – this essential piece of equipment that has saved so many lives on the road was invented only about 50 years ago in Sweden.
  • Imported inventions – the pick-up, one of the most widespread and most popular car types in North America was actually invented in Australia more than eighty years ago.
  • The average car uses over 30,000 components.
  • Cars are the most recycled products in the US and in the world, too.
  • Windshield wipers were invented by a lady.
  • The first automobile accident ever occurred in 1769 in France – the damaged vehicle can be seen in Paris.

As a new driver, it’s best to learn about your vehicle, and all it’s systems.  You can take driving lessons Denver area that also offer education courses about your vehicle systems.