Tips For Deciding If Leasing Or Buying A Car Is Right For You

Tips To Buy or Lease

If you buy a car, you will have to pay upfront about 10% of its price, which for some people can be too much for their budget. On the other hand, leasing the car allows you to pay only a small upfront cost and some leasing companies may even allow you to leave with the car without paying any fee.

Leasing rates are also lower than loan rates. When you purchase a car in leasing, the monthly installments will be several times lower than in the case of taking a loan to buy a car. Moreover, the leasing installments are paid during 5 years, the longest time to use a car, while in the case of a loan, rates can be extended further.

Leasing also allows you to try the latest car models. You can drive new car models that that you could not possibly afford if you were to buy with the money down. You can also try another car every few years.  It is advised if leasing for a teen that you have them take classes at one of the Denver driving schools near home.

The downside, at least for those who like to personalize their things, is that a leased vehicle must be maintained exactly as it is and returned with no extra elements added in its design.