Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean All Winter

Winter Car Maintenance Taught At Driving School

Winter weather is not ideal for washing your car, but even so, keeping your vehicle clean is essential for being able to drive it safely as well as for preventing various forms of damage. Icy roads in most regions are treated with some sort of de-icing substance or material, such as salt, sand or calcium carbonate, all of which can erode the metal that your car is made from, so they need to be removed as quickly as possible and mud is also dangerous for your car. Here are a few tips your teen can learn at a driving school in Lakewood about how to maintain your car’s cleanliness during the cold season:

  • Preventive action – get your car inspected by a professional before winter settles in and discuss your options in terms of the protection applied on the car’s undercarriage. The process of applying the protective layer is not cheap, but it is worthwhile;
  • Wash the car at least every two weeks, but pick a day when the temperature outside is above freezing;
  • Never wash the car with cold water – even if it is not freezing outside, cold water will form a layer of ice on the body of the car, especially if the metal is cold (you have not taken the car out to warm it up) and will damage the polish as well as the metal underneath;
  • Use a soft brush to remove mud and dirt from the car body each time you return from a longer trip.