Tips for Keeping Your Windshield in Good Condition

Windshield Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle’s windshield is the glass surface in front of the driver and of the front passenger through which the car’s users see the outdoor world and that protects them from the impacts coming from that outdoor world. Windshields are usually made from laminated safety glass, usually consisting of two sheets of glass laminated together with a plastic layer for enhanced resistance. Though very strong and durable, windshields can be easily damaged if they are not taken proper care of, so here are a few tips for you to keep your windshield in great condition:

  • Pay attention to even the smallest cracks and chips – any small damage on the windshield can quickly aggravate due to the vibrations that windshields must endure while the car is moving. Small cracks and chips can be easily repaired by specialist – he will use special substances to strengthen the windshield and to correct the damage;
  • Replace your wipers frequently – old, deformed windshield wipers can scratch the windshield, so you need to replace your wipers when you notice that they don’t wipe perfectly, all of this and more is training done by a Lakewood driving school to educate teens on the importance of taking care of their vehicle;
  • Let professionals clean your windshield – the soap water used by many motorists to clean their windshield can damage the glass, so the best way to preserve the condition of your windshield is to take it to a professional car wash where the glass will be cleaned with special, gentle, but efficient substances and tools.