Tips for Organizing Your Glove Box

If you are one of those car owners who use the glove compartment only to cram in unused things and to keep food wrappers, used tissue paper and other similar things out of sight, but you would like to keep the box clean, usable and well-organized, here are our tips:

  • Empty the compartment – the first step in any space organizing project is thorough clean-up. Remove everything from the compartment and evaluate the removed items in terms of usability. You will probably have items that belong to the glove compartment, such as car documents or sunglasses, items that need to be on their way to the garbage bin and things that are useful and important, but have no place in the glove box;
  • Clean the compartment – use some soap water, a sponge and a cloth to clean the interior of the glove box. Scrub the walls, the floor and the door of the compartment and wait until it is all dry, then put the items that you need back into the box;
  • Figure out if there are other things that you need in the box, such as maps, bulbs for the headlamp or a torch and place those items into the glove compartment, too.

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