Tips for Staying Calm When Learning How to Drive

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Learner drivers are often freaked out by the quick decisions they have to make while driving, by the multitude of tasks they need to handle – if you are also stressed out even by the thought of having to drive, here are a few tips that can help you keep calm and focused behind the wheel:

  • Create a mental map of the journey – if you know the way to the destination, try to recall the road signs that you will have to observe and to anticipate difficult situations, such as occupying the right lane in the roundabout or giving way;
  • Practice deep breathing – the technique slows down the heart rate, pumps more oxygen into your blood and lowers the blood pressure, all three effects having a calming effect on the mind;
  • Change your mindset – tell yourself that this is an excellent opportunity to practice driving, to improve your routine and to gain experience;
  • Pick a time when there is little traffic on the road – Sunday afternoon is probably the best time for driving around in your neighbourhood;
  • Have someone with you in the beginning – having by your side an experienced driver, a person that you trust is a great thing in the beginning. Ask your driving companion to watch your reactions closely and to help only when you need help, indeed, that way you will be able to practice independent decision making safely.  Find professional driving instructors to help at