Tips for Staying Safe While on the Roads During the Holidays

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Traveling safely in your car takes a bit more than knowing how to drive – here are some tips that can help you stay safe even on long road trips during the holidays:

  • Prepare the car for the road – check and top up the fluids in your car, check the tires and replace them if they are worn, check the battery, the heating and the brakes and take care of the necessary repairs and replacements. It is a good idea to clean the car inside and outside and to throw a set of tire chains into the trunk, especially if your will be crossing mountains during your trip;
  • Plan your journey – create the optimal itinerary on a map and also try to figure out where you will be stopping to rest during the journey;
  • Charge your phone and your other digital devices before hitting the road;
  • Choose a navigation app that provides real-time alerts about the road ahead of you – to stay safe and to be able to make good decisions, you need accurate information about roadblocks, roads that are under snow;
  • Pack some snacks, blankets and a device for jump-starting your battery – these items don’t take up much trunk space, but they are essential in case you get stuck in traffic.  For new drivers, it’s best to attend a Lakewood driving school and get experience and accumulated drive time.