Tips for Talking with Your Teen About Long-Distance Driving

Teens Take Driving Classes Before Long Distance Driving

Going on a road trip and driving all the way is a dream entertained by many teen drivers looking for adventure. However, young drivers, even skilled ones, lack the experience and the foresight necessary for tackling dangerous situations, so they need all the help and advice by taking driving classes in Orange County to stay safe on the long road. Here are some of the things that you should talk about with your teen:

  • Preparing the car for the road – even if your teen tells you that they know everything about how the car works, talk about the importance of checking fluid levels, brakes, the tires (including the spare tires), the heating system and the other subsystems in the car;
  • The importance of regular breaks – driving is a strenuous activity, especially for young drivers who are not used to concentrating on so many things simultaneously for long periods. Explain why it is so important to stop for a couple of minutes after every two hours spent driving and why stopping for the night early is safer than driving on to the next town when fatigue or drowsiness has already settled in;
  • Provide advice about how to solve unexpected situations, such as missing a highway exit or having to take alternative routes due to a roadblock.