Tips for Teaching Your Teen About Winter Car Maintenance

Winter car maintenance is probably one of the topics that your teen has learned about in driving school, but the best way to learn something is through practice, so with winter so close, it is a good idea to make your teen actually do it. Here are the tasks that your teen should learn to handle:

  • Checking and topping up fluid levels – no car can function without liquids for long, so teach your teen where the fluid tanks are located in the car, how the fluid levels are checked and how to top them up;
  • Winter maintenance that require a professional – checking the brakes and the heating system, the battery and the plugs, replacing the oil are all tasks that require technical knowledge and tools, so explain your teen why they need to take the car to a garage before winter;
  • Items to keep in the car in winter – tell your teen why keeping a battery jump-starter, blankets, tire chains, an ice scraper and a de-icing spray, cans of oil, antifreeze fluid, windscreen washing liquid and brake fluid is so essential for safety. Talk about the importance of having a first aid kit in the car and about what the kit should contain.  Your teen can also take classes at Denver driving schools of choice, and learn about vehicle maintenance to help out.