Tips for Tidying Your Messy Car

Keeping Your Car Tidy

Many of us spend more time in our car than in our home, so keeping the car’s cabin clean, neat and organized is essential for feeling comfortable during the long hour spent driving. However, the small space between the seat and the rows tends to become messy in no time, so here are our top tips that can help you maintain the order and the cleanliness of your car interior:

  • Be disciplined – if you take any food or beverage with you in the car, make sure you remove the residues and the wrapping when you first leave the car – not in the evening, not tomorrow, but the next time you leave the car;
  • Clean the car interior regularly – even if you commit to removing anything not needed in the cabin, items can still be left under the seat and dust and grime also accumulates quickly, so vacuum the cabin and wipe all the surfaces, including the dashboard, the door interiors, the console and the mirror. This will be extremely noticeable to the instructor when taking driving classes Denver area offers;
  • Control your habits while inside the car – replace your favorite juice with water to avoid spills that leave difficult to remove stains and use organizers around the cabin to help you keep everything where it should be.