Tips on How to Keep Snow Out of Your Car

Snow can really mess up your car’s interior if you let too much of it inside. Not only will it damage the floor, but it can also lead to irreparable water damage affecting your upholstery, seats and even the electronics in your vehicle.


  • Wipe your boots clean. Before getting into your car, wipe or kick the snow off your boots and make sure you don’t have any snow attached to your clothes. That way you can make sure you’re “clean” when you get in.
  • Remove the Snow from your vehicle as frequently as possible. Snow that makes its way on your doors and windows, and especially the snow that you find on your roof panel, can easily make its way into your car when you open the door. Removing it before that happens is important to make sure you keep the snow out of your car.
  • Make certain that your kids and pets are accounted for as well. Dogs in particular tend to jump into the car as soon as they get a chance, so they can escape the harsh cold outside. Before that happens, make sure your pet seat cover (if you have one) is attached to your backseat and that your dog isn’t carrying too much snow.  For other tips, consider taking one of the vehicle maintenance classes at one of the Colorado Springs driving schools to keep your car running smoothly.