Top Scenic Drives In Colorado

Take Driving Lessons Before Scenic Mountain Drives

Colorado has wild and amazing scenery – perfect for those who seek for scenic drives. All you have to do is put your finger randomly on a map of the state and you will get many opportunities.

These are only a few suggestions that you can put on your list and start you engine, but be aware that there are many other mind-blowing drives you can add that will make you discuss history and time, while others will simply let you speechless.

Front Range

This classic Colorado scenic drive includes Trail Ridge Road, Old Fall River Road and Pikes Peak Summit Highway, where the Race to the Clods takes place each year.

San Juan Mountains

This is arguably the most beautiful scenic drive in the state. We are talking about more than 100 miles with mountain passes, cliffs, golden aspen in the fall, the old mines and the Last Dollar Road for the off-road enabled. This journey is definitely awe-inspiring for anyone who loves distant driving.

Dinosaur Diamond

The segment within the state of Colorado is Dinosaur Diamond Scenic and Historic Byway. It runs through one the best dinosaur country in the world, where you can hunt for fossils of large dinosaurs as well as rock art left behind by Fremont Indians.

It is recommended that teens take driving lessons at prior to doing any of the scenic drives through the Colorado mountain areas.