Understanding Car Maintenance For First-Time Car Owners

Car Maintenance Tips With MasterDrive

Most young and first-time car owners tend to ignore maintaining their vehicle, their interest being focused on the desire to show off and drive their newly acquisition. However, car maintenance is essential to drive safely and failing to take it seriously can have severe consequence. Read on and understand better this concept.

If there is no possibility to check the car on your own, call a car service and make an appointment for the following operations that must be performed periodically:

  • Checking the oil level, power steering, braking and transmission
  • Checking the level of the antifreeze and windshield cleaning solution
  • Checking belts and hoses for damage
  • Checking the battery and replacing it if necessary. The connection must also be verified
  • Checking the braking system, brake linings, rotor and the exhaust system
  • Checking the heating, ventilation and AC system
  • Checking the steering system, suspensions and muffler
  • Checking the tires: pressure, level of wear, aspect (uniform or non-uniform surface)
  • Aligning the tires, if necessary
  • Checking the wipers and the lighting system – This is first and foremost necessary for traffic safety. Make sure you are visible in traffic, even in severe weather conditions, and you can see properly other traffic participants when your car`s headlights are on.  Of course, for the teen drivers in your family, there are classes at MasterDrive in Colorado Springs to help the new drivers know how to maintenance their vehicles and keep them safe on the road.