Understanding The Different Kinds Of Gasoline

Learn About Your Vehicle Through Driving Schools And The Car ManuelThere are different kinds of gasoline and things are a bit more complicated than the regular – premium classification. Gasoline can have different octane levels as well as different ethanol percentages. All these factors can make a difference in performance and fuel economy.

If you want to know what type of gasoline is best for your car, you must first check its manual – which is something they teach the students in driving schools in Colorado Springs and other centers, where you should find the manufacturer`s recommendations.

Octane rating

The octane rating can be found in the form of the large number printed on a fuel pump, being determined by the engine’s compression needs. Although the general perception is that gasoline with the highest octane number is the best, in reality putting premium gasoline into a car with lower octane rating requirements is only a waste of money. On the other hand, if you use gasoline with lower octane rating than recommended will make the car a bit laggier.

Unleaded vs. leaded

This is a fake dilemma, considering that the gasoline purchased from gas stations today has no lead in it. It used to have, very long ago, but this is not the case anymore.


Ethanol is a fuel additive which boosts the octane rating. On gas pumps, it is marked with a sign (E10, E15, E85), the numbers representing the percentage of ethanol in the fuel.