Understanding Your Car’s Owner Manual and the Information You Should Get from It

Owner's Manual

Your car’s owner manual contains a lot of information, and for a first time driver, all that information can be a bit overwhelming at first. Until you get a firmer grasp about how your car works and what it requires, it is essential to make sure that you know the basics of what to look for in your owner’s manual.  It’s good to note that a driving school in Lakewood offers vehicle maintenance classes for learning about your vehicle too, not just driving classes.


The first thing to consider is how to set up your vehicle initially, and get it started. The owner’s manual will include lengthy practical insight on this topic, providing you with information on delayed lighting, keyless entry, the decibel threshold and more.


Checking your car’s fluids is probably the most important part of vehicle maintenance that you need to know about. Your owner’s manual should provide you with full insight on the type of oil, antifreeze, and other important fluids, as well as how they differ when compared to other car models.


Finally, there will be a lot that can help you as a beginner. Your car owner’s manual will contain information about beginning your journey as a new driver, troubleshooting common problems and read all the gauges and technical data that your car’s computer is telling you about. After a little time, you’ll also learn to decipher warning lights and conduct basic cleaning and maintenance tasks that will keep your car looking and feeling great.