We take a look inside…

MasterDrive recently undertook an intense and insightful project. We formed a group that looked inside our organization. We dove deep into the identity of our company and the mission we are so passionate about. Saving Lives, One Driver At A Time.

We found that it was good to be reminded of our core values. We discovered that we have a distinct and unique culture that is very important to us. We reconnected with the importance of the culture of performance enhancement that has been at the center of all we have done for almost thirty years. We were able to see the heritage of performance that defines our goals for ourselves and for our students. We celebrated the contributions we have made to our community in the last three decades. We became consciously aware of the quality, intensity, thoroughness and importance of our own internal coach training processes. It turned out to be a very important project.

Perhaps, the most important reminder was actually defining the ways MasterDrive truly “differentiates” from the traditional driver education programs. We have even been referred to as a “radical mutation” – because of what we do.

We also came away with a promise – a promise to our family of students and their families and to our own family of staff members. Our promise to you all is: The MasterDrive Experience promises to deliver personalized, performance-enhancing, mind-altering skills to prepare us and our customers to navigate through life.

Contact your local office and let us create an individualized training plan for you.