What a Skids-Course Offers in Your Driver Education

Driving School Instructor and Student

Taking a skid-course is definitely an advantage, in your driver education, because common courses do not teach you how to react in extreme situations. Statistics show that most people deal with at least one skid in real life, so it is best to know what to expect.

Being prepared brings a series of benefits. First, you will feel more confident and will put some important theoretical knowledge into practice. The course typically covers the following: aquaplaning, the use of ABS braking, under/ over steer and four wheels skids, cadence/ threshold braking, as well as crash avoidance and defensive driving.

You will experience real life skids with your instructor with the driving schools in Fort Collins area, in a safe and controlled environment.

Just look for a training facility in your area and take this course. It will begin with a theoretical presentation of skid control and a quick safety brief, followed by a demonstration. Once these steps are over, you will get behind the wheel and start your session.  In the end, there will be a short evaluation and you will be allowed to answer as many questions as you wish.

A skid-course can be applied on any vehicle and driving conditions and you can take it with your family and friends, if you like.