What Are Back-Seat Drivers and Why Should You Avoid Being One?

The term backseat driver is not that prevalent, but what it represents is. Backseat drivers are people who constantly engage in giving advice or critic

Back Seat Drivers Can Distract

izing the driver of a vehicle, while sitting in the passenger seat. Backseat drivers often engage in this type of behavior simply because they have the good intention of guiding the driver. However, their actions are, in most cases, more harmful than good.


Sometimes, backseat drivers simply make a few harmless constructive comments about your driving skills or style. In worst case scenarios, however, backseat drivers will nag you about your driving habits, tell you that “they wouldn’t have done it like that” or shout at you for making what they thought was a huge mistake.


The reason why you should avoid being a backseat driver, despite the fact that your intentions might be good, is because you’re not in the driver’s seat. So, regardless of how good you are, you simply don’t have the vantage point of the driver. Moreover, the act of shouting or berating the driver won’t just cause emotional distress – leading to situations where they’re more likely to make a mistake – but can also break their concentration directly.


If you’re a concerned parent, remember that your teen will have to learn to drive without your constant input. By trying too hard to guide and help them, you might end up causing the very accident that you so desperately tried to avoid.  Sign your teen up for driving lessons at, that way they can learn from them instead of you.