What Are Fog Lights and Why Are They Even Required?

Tips To Driving On A Foggy Day

There has been much talk about whether regular fog lights are effective enough to light your way thought tick fog. While most experts including those at the Colorado Springs driving schools agree that they are, it is important to first learn more about why these lights are needed and how they are used, before forming your own opinion on the matter.


Fog lights are the pair of lights positioned just below the regular headlamps and slightly closer to the car’s center. Since headlights are not positioned properly enough to pierce thicker fog with their intensity – since the light is simply reflected back to the driver by the water droplets, often causing severe hazards in the process – fog lights are less powerful and positioned in just the right place to light your way through the fog.


While you can’t normally use them under regular circumstances, these lights are extremely important when the visibility gets bad. You can use them to safely navigate your way out of the fog and prevent any collisions or accidents, especially on roads with lots of turns and low visibility.


Regardless of how effective fog lights are, they are your best chance at navigating thicker fog safely and avoiding an accident. Not only that, but their use is mandatory in fog like conditions, so it’s sill a good idea to know as much about them as possible.