What are Points on your License?

Driving Schools Drivers License Points

The points on your license are part of a penalty point system used to keep track of different traffic violations. The points allow the identification of drivers who have committed too many violations and have to be disqualified from driving, for a while. Also, they are a good way to motivate drivers of all ages to obey the law.

This system was first introduced in Germany in 1974 and it is now used in more than 20 American states, as well as in the UE, Australia and some Asian countries.

The penalty points are added to the sanctions for committing driving violations, until accumulating a maximum number established, or they are taken from an initially assigned value, depending on the system used. When a driver`s score reaches the legally established reference number of points, additional penalties are applied, such as the obligation to attend defensive driving courses at your local Denver driving schools, or suspending the right to drive vehicles for certain periods of time.

Penalty points are deleted from the record after a period when the driver has not break any traffic rule.

Accumulating too many points and violations make you a high-risk driver and your insurance company will likely make you pay higher premium rates.