What Are the Best Roadtrips to Take in Colorado This Summer?

Be On The Lookout For Motorcyclist In Mountain DrivingWhen it comes to Colorado, you’ll find that you have a lot to go on while planning your next trip. Long road trips are possible, and you get a diverse landscape to play with, numerous peaks, lots of valleys and many unique towns and city areas to go through.


Most of the best road trips in Colorado start from Denver. This isn’t only because Denver is the largest and most populous metropolitan region in the state, but also because it’s situated at a central location within the state, and because it’s at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. All points considered, taking a trip from Denver to Boulder, Colorado Springs or even the southeastern part of Colorado – where you won’t encounter mountains – can be a truly fulfilling trip.


When starting out from Denver, you’ll also find that a lot of gorgeous, natural parks and locations will be available without having to drive too far. The Eldorado Canyon State Park is a good example of that. Driving to this park will put you face to face with some of Colorado’s true natural wonders, including hills, mountains, streams and forests, as well as many uniquely shaped landscape elements.  If you are new to mountain driving, take a couple of mountain driving lessons Denver instructors teach.


Another great place to drive to is the Rocky Mountain National Park. Here you might find elk and moose along the road, and you can even stop for a hike to Long Peak, a majestic mountain that will take you to a height of more than 14,000 feet above sea level.