What Are the Main Signs That Your Car Tires Need Replacing?

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Flat tires are a sure sign that you need to replace the tire in question, even if the result is just that your tire gets a little deflated. However, aside from a flat, there are also many other problems and reasons associated with the need to replace old and worn out car tires.


If you had your tires for a long time, you might have a false sense of safety that you’ve stumbled upon a good batch that might last you longer than most tires. However, the lifespan of even the best brands of tires are limited, and the longer you keep them, the more likely it is that you have to replace them.


Another sign that your car tires need to be replaced is that they have a low thread. A low thread or no thread at all can be a great safety hazard according to most experts, as well as a good reason to have your tires replaced.


One more reason why your tires might need to be replaced is that you might experience frequent tire bumps or unexplained bad gas mileage. Most people are surprised by that last one, but the truth is that, if nothing else works then most likely replacing your tires will lead to improved mileage quite immediately.  A great driving instructor at will teach you all that you need to know regarding your vehicle and maintenance needed to keep your car safe on the road.