What are the most popular cars for teen drivers?

Driver Education

Young people are predisposed to accidents nine times more than adults, so parents should not buy them heavy and powerful cars, because they are difficult to handle and they consume a lot of fuel, according to a recent US consumer report.  It is important for the parent to enroll your teen in one of the driving schools in Denver to gain experience.

The temptation of beautiful and powerful cars is big. When buying a car, avoid choosing it for its aesthetic accessories, such as audio systems or spoilers and focus rather on active safety features (traction control, ABS, steering adjustment system etc.) and passive safety (airbags, chairs, seatbelt). An “eye-catcher” may offer you a feeling self-importance, but you must learn to weigh the pros and cons instead of making a superficial choice.

Fierce cars may help you when you need to get out of a dangerous situation, but their power will often encourage you to exceed the maximum speed. On the other hand, it will be hard for you to drive economically, with a car like this, so instead of driving for gaining experience and become more responsible, you will only spend money unnecessarily.

Here are some of the best cars for young drivers: VW Polo, Kia Rio 1.1 DSL, Hyundai i10 and Ford Focus 1.0 Ecobust.