What Does Your Car Say About You?

Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

The car that you drive says a lot about you – whatever the budget you can use for buying a car, there are a lot of makes and models available in each price category, so the one you pick and the way you maintain it will reveal a lot about your personality, about your hobbies, your family and about your driving style. The instructors at driving schools in Denver can tell a lot about your personality just by how you take care of your car.  Here are a few things that your car tells about you:

  • The type – pick-ups are usually driven by people who need a towing and loading capacity in their daily life, so they are probably energetic and active, minivans are family cars, while compact cars are for trend-conscious city drivers.
  • The color – the paint on your car also carries important messages. Red is for provocative and dynamic people, black is safe and mature choice, blue is for confident people, while white and gray are the favorite choice of practical people.
  • The condition – most people agree that the cleanliness and the level of maintenance reveals more about the owner than any other feature of the car. When you see a car that is covered in grime or dust, a car exterior spotted with rust, a cabin littered with food wrapping paper and paper cups, you inevitably get the impression that the owner is a messy, disorganized and careless person, so make sure your car is as neat and clean as you can make it.