What Happens If Your Car Fails Its Emissions Test and What Should You Do About It?


Get Your Car In For A Tune up

A failed emissions test is one of the nightmares of any efficient driver. If your car is getting old, this is a risk you should be prepared for, and it can take some time before the problem is resolved. If you know what to do, however, you’ll find that everything can be taken care of in good time.


So you just took your car to be tested. After it failed its emissions test, you got a detailed report about what’s wrong, and were sent home to pool your resources and prepare to head to the nearest repair shop.


A failed emissions test means you don’t get your license plates validated. This means you can’t drive until you get your car repaired, get it tested again, and pass the test.


The report you get from the experts who tested your car should provide a detailed overview of what went wrong. After taking it to the vehicle repair shop along with your car, the mechanic should be able to give you a detailed estimate and take care of the repair work.


Once all that’s done, you can go back and take the emissions test again. Make sure you don’t procrastinate, since if you wait too long, you risk the license plates expiring before the repairs are completed.  Take steps to learn more about your car and the maintenance required at